Side Events

The PyeongChang Youth Peace Challenge 2022 (YPC 2022) is a global citizenship education program to encourage future generations to participate in peace activities. It consists of an essay writing and group debate among young people between the ages of 14 and 27(born between 1 Jan. 1994 and 31 Dec. 2006), proposing how to implement the proposals contained in the Our Common Agenda report of the UN Secretary-General (Sept. 2021) from a peace perspective as a youth in your country and/or internationally.

YPC aims to share peaceful ideas and visions for the present and future from the perspective of young people in the spirit of Pyeongchang peace created through the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The participants will discuss experiences and ideas on how to promote and build peace in the daily life, community, and society of youth, going beyond national and international boundaries.

The winners of the Pyeongchang Youth Peace Challenge 2022 (YPC 2022) will be appointed as the Pyeongchang Youth Peace Ambassadors (YPA) and will play a role in practicing and promoting the Pyeongchang Peace Spirit internationally for about a year.