Forum Program

Year Date Time Category Session Place
202202-2210:00~11:00Youth/MZ SessionYouth/MZ Session 1YPC 2022 Award CeremonyLuge Hall
202202-2210:00~11:30Partner SessionPartner Session 2Declaration of the End of the War and Sustainable Cooperation between South and North GangwonPyeongChang 3
202202-2210:00~11:30Partner SessionPartner Session 1Strategies for Revitalizing Inter-Korean Agricultural CooperationPyeongChang 1+2
202202-2213:00~14:30Official ProgramOpening Ceremony-Grand Ballroom
202202-2214:30~16:00Official ProgramKeynote SpeechPeaceful Economic Development on the Korean PeninsulaGrand Ballroom
202202-2215:30~17:00Inter-Gangwon Inauguration CeremonyGLOBAL INTER GANGWON cooperation network (GIG) launching CeremonyInter-Gangwon & the WorldAuditorium
202202-2215:30~17:00Plenary SessionSports Session 1Conflict Resolution through Sports Exchanges and Peace on the Korean PeninsulaPyeongChang 1+2
202202-2215:30~17:00Partner SessionPartner Session 4Peace and Prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and Gangwon-do ProvinceLuge Hall
202202-2215:30~17:00Partner SessionPartner Session 3Global Civil Society Dialogue on Our Common Agenda(OCA) Report, SDGs and PeacePyeongChang 3
202202-2217:30~19:00Special SessionSpecial Agenda Session 1The Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games and Inter-Korean Peace Promotion MeasuresAuditorium
202202-2217:30~19:00Partner SessionPartner Session 5Efficient Management and Vitalization of the Winter Sports Science CenterPyeongChang 1+2
202202-2217:30~19:00Youth/MZ SessionYouth/MZ Session 2Peace from Imagination to PracticePyeongChang 3
202202-2219:00~20:30Official ProgramWelcome ReceptionPyeongChang Peace Night ⅠGrand Ballroom
202202-2310:00~11:30Partner SessionPartner Session 6Conservation and Promotion of Olympic Legacy through Development of the Olympic Legacy PortfolioPyeongChang 1+2
202202-2310:00~11:30Plenary SessionPeace Public Diplomacy Session 1‘PyeongChang spirits of peace’ and public diplomacyAuditorium
202202-2310:00~11:30Partner SessionPartner Session 8Climate Cooperation on the Korean Peninsula with International NetworkLuge Hall
202202-2310:00~11:30Partner SessionPartner Session 7The Role of Citizens of Korea and Japan for Peace in Northeast Asia and the Peace ConstitutionPyeongChang 3
202202-2310:00~11:30Plenary SessionEconomy Session 1Establishing Inter-Korean Tourism through Gangwon 2024 and Revenue Models for Inter-Korean TourismGrand Ballroom
202202-2310:00~11:30Partner SessionPartner Session 9Korea-US peace strategy online sessionOnline
202202-2313:00~14:00Official ProgramPlay PeacePlay Peace by New York Philharmonic String QuartetGrand Ballroom
202202-2313:00~14:30Partner SessionPartner Session 11Myanmar and EthiopiaLuge Hall
202202-2313:00~14:30Plenary SessionPeace Public Diplomacy Session 2140th Anniversay of Korea-U.S. Treaty of 1882 and Strategy for Peace in the Korean Peninsula and East AsiaAuditorium
202202-2313:00~14:30Partner SessionPartner Session 10Experimental Attempts toward a Better CommunityPyeongChang 1+2
202202-2313:00~14:30Youth/MZ SessionYouth/MZ Session 3Youth and PeacePyeongChang 3
202202-2315:00~16:30Youth/MZ SessionYouth/MZ Session 4Youth Agenda for Peace 2030PyeongChang 3
202202-2315:00~16:30Plenary SessionSports Session 2New Challenge, Fear notAuditorium
202202-2315:00~16:30Plenary SessionEconomy Session 2Peace comes with reconnecting Trans Korean RailwayGrand Ballroom
202202-2315:00~16:30Partner SessionPartner Session 12The Climate Crisis and the Task of Energy Conversion on the Korean PeninsulaPyeongChang 1+2
202202-2315:00~16:30Partner SessionPartner Session 13UN Peace Education at DMZLuge Hall
202202-2316:00~18:00Plenary SessionUN SDGs Session 1Development, Environment and Peace Nexus in Borders and Borderlands: Theories and PracticeOnline
202202-2317:00~18:30Partner SessionPartner Session 16The Rights to Peace and Human Rights to PeaceLuge Hall
202202-2317:00~18:30Partner SessionPartner Session 17(Closed Session)Peace Platforms - The WorldOutside
202202-2317:00~18:30Partner SessionPartner Session 15The Current Status and Tasks of Peace CityPyeongChang 3
202202-2317:00~18:30Partner SessionPartner Sesion 14‘The National Social Pact on Unification’ - A Model for a Social Agreement on Peace and Unification of the Korean PeninsulaPyeongChang 1+2
202202-2317:00~18:30Plenary SessionDMZ Peace Zone Session 1DMZ Peace Zone and Green DetenteGrand Ballroom
202202-2317:00~18:30Plenary SessionUN SDGs Session 2Global Challenges and State of PeaceAuditorium
202202-2319:00~20:30Official ProgramNetworking ReceptionPyeongChang Peace Night ⅡOutside
202202-2409:30~10:30Wrap-Up SessionWrap-Up SessionGrand Ballroom
202202-2410:30~11:30Special SessionSpecial Agenda Session 2Analyzing the Success Potentials of the Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games based on the Diagnosis on the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022Grand Ballroom
202202-2412:00~13:00Official ProgramClosing Ceremony-Grand Ballroom
202202-2413:00~14:30Official ProgramFarewell Luncheon-PyeongChang 1+2